William Regal says he “would have died in 1999” and owes Vince McMahon his life

During his Gentleman Villain podcast, William Regal was asked if he had any Vince McMahon stories and here was Regal’s response…

“People would think I would have all kinds of stuff, but I don’t. There’s going to be people who don’t like my answer right now. I have nothing but a great relationship. Doesn’t matter what’s happened recently. I’ve always known he’s my boss, so I’ve never got too friendly with him because I knew, and which had happened, and it still doesn’t change my view of him, that one day, he may want to fire me. I’ve had an incredible, always polite, great, working relationship with him. I’ve been very easy to work with as far as not bothering like, ‘What do you want?, yes, thank you’, and I went on. That was my attitude by the time I got to the WWE. I was very happy. As far as being a top star, a lot of people say things about me, ‘You should have been this or should have been that.’ I was very happy because I’d nearly lost my family because of my stupidity in 1997 and 1998. I was very happy working 160-180 days a year, going on, and spending time at home with my children and my wife and not being away all the time because I’ve known a lot of my friends who have ended up very rich and very miserable, or losing all the families, and in many cases died, and I didn’t want that.”

“We did a lot of on-screen stuff together and we always had a laugh. I was the least of his problems. Just turn up, be professional, and do my job. ‘What do you need, boss?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘Can you put him over?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘Can you work with him?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Can you get this character over for me?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Thank you.’ But with Mr. McMahon, he was my boss. We can have a laugh and a joke now, and then there’s a day, and it’s happened recently, it’s time to go. There’s no hard feelings there because that’s business and there will never be any hard feelings and I’ll always have a loyalty. I would have died in 1999, so I owe my life. When I had my neck surgery, he might not have even known, but it was his company that paid for me to get the best surgeon, the only surgeon in the world, who could do the surgery that I needed.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)