Alexa Bliss talks about creative plans/freedom in WWE and her character evolving

WWE star Alexa Bliss was interviewed by The Residency podcast and here are a few highlights…

How much creative freedom she has: “Depends. It depends on where the story goes. The character itself, pretty free, it just depends on where the story goes. You have to adapt. You have to tell a story.”

How far in advance storylines are planned out: “Not very far. That’s what’s fascinating about what we do in WWE. It’s instant feedback. Any other business you go to, you use a product, you write a Yelp review, you look at the review and see how people feel about the product. Ours is instant feedback. Instant, live, crowd reaction feedback.”

Evolving her character: “I love evolving. I don’t like getting comfortable with one character. I like to always keep moving and keep changing and keep evolving. Mentally, I get very bored. I love the unknown. I love not knowing what I’m doing tomorrow.” (quotes courtesy of