Why The Usos vs. Viking Raiders didn’t take place at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022

The Usos were scheduled to defend the Smackdown tag team titles against the Viking Raiders at the 2022 WWE Elimination Chamber PLE. Before the bell rang, The Raiders were jumped by The Usos during The Raiders’ entrance. The Usos double suplexed Ivar onto Erik and the match never took place.

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted that the Chamber event aired locally on a channel that had a two hour and 50 minute window. Due to the unusual time restriction, WWE had to cut some segments short and Meltzer wrote the following…

“When the show started, the Usos vs. Viking Raiders was supposed to be a match and because they were running late, even with rushing through most of the matches including the heavy time shaving in the women’s chamber match, they told them to go out there and do what was a terribly weak injury angle before ever starting.”