News regarding Brock Lesnar moment at Elimination Chamber that wasn’t planned

As seen at the 2022 WWE Elimination Chamber PLE, Brock Lesnar broke out of his chamber pod before it was time for him to enter the match. According to Dave Meltzer of, Lesnar thought it was a mistake for Bobby Lashley’s pod to open since Lashley had already been taken out of the match. Lesnar was also said to be aware that WWE was running short on time so he broke out of his pod early.

The match was designed to make Lesnar look as strong as possible and Meltzer wrote the following in regards to Lesnar quickly eliminating the other participants…

“The others apparently knew there would be a quick rush and still had spots to do, before Lesnar came in. But they knew when Lesnar got in that it was time to just get destroyed by him and may have figured it was rushed anyway because they were, if Lesnar waited a few minutes, likely to have to rush even more through his eliminating everyone.”