Why Bronson Reed didn’t appear at Impact Wrestling’s Bound For Glory PPV

It was recently reported that former WWE star Bronson Reed, now known as Jonah, was booked to appear at Bound For Glory but was then removed from the show for unknown reasons.

During an interview with WrestlingInc.com, Jonah commented on why he wasn’t at the event…

“At the moment, it’s everything to do with immigration, so I’m not able, legally, to do anything wrestling wise until all my immigration is sorted, but it should be sorted very soon, and I’m very happy about that.”

“It’s a complete nightmare. That’s how it works, but no issues. Everything’s pretty much set in stone now. I have a great set of lawyers, actually, helping me out. As of next week, things should be set in stone for me to be able to work places. I’m not gonna say anything, but I think November, you’ll get to see JONAH around some places.”