Where things reportedly stand between CM Punk and The Elite leading up to new AEW show

As previously noted, CM Punk is slated to return on June 17th 2023 at the United Center in Chicago for the debut of AEW’s new Saturday show. In regards to where things stand between CM Punk and The Elite, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted that there has still not been a resolution to their personal issues. The rumored meeting involving Punk, Chris Jericho, and AEW President Tony Khan has reportedly not taken place yet.

Meltzer wrote the following in regards to where things stand between Punk and The Young Bucks…

“Since I’ve been asked about this a lot, Punk has not apologized or attempted to make any direct amends to the Young Bucks, although those close to him said that’s because he’s been told not to have any contact with them and without any contact he couldn’t.”

The belief is that if the meeting between Punk and Jericho goes well, that could lead to others being invited to try and work things out with Punk as well.