What Triple H allegedly told WWE’s crew about the new creative direction

As previously noted, WWE announced that Triple H “will assume all responsibilities related to WWE’s creative, in addition to his regular duties.”

During The Gathering in Charlotte, North Carolina, longtime wrestling promoter Jerry Jarrett was asked about potential changes to WWE during a Q&A and here was his response…

“They didn’t tell me not to tell anybody. So I’ll tell you, Hunter [Triple H] called, this week, the RAW crew and the Smackdown crew and said, ‘My father-in-law and Stephanie’s father….We admire him and we respect him. He reached success that we would never know without him, but we don’t know how to do it his way, and we’re not going to try. We’re going to try a new way.’… and I think the new way is to put wrestling instead of sports entertainment. I mean, that’s pure speculation on my part.” (quote courtesy of PWInsider.com)