Kevin Nash comments on what he thinks has been problematic with WWE RAW

During his Kliq This podcast, WWE Hall of Famer commented on the WWE RAW television show…

“I think one of the problems that the company has right now is that RAW is three hours long. I thought that was the demise of [WCW] Nitro when it went three hours. Three hours is too long, it’s like asking your fanbase every Monday to watch f*cking Titanic or Avatar. It’s just too f*cking long. I would love to see a breakaway of RAW and have RAW be a mature, M-rated show and be played on Friday nights on FX. I don’t know where they could get a deal with.”

“I’m so tired of guys saying, ‘I wanna kick your butt.’ [But] you drive by a bus stop with third graders and they’re like, ‘Hey, you f*cking cock-sucker, I’ll kick you in the f*cking dick.’ Those are third graders. Like what planet are we living on where it needs [to be PG].” (quotes courtesy of