What is being said about the identity of Bray Wyatt’s Uncle Howdy character

As seen during the December 30th 2022 edition of WWE Smackdown, Uncle Howdy attacked Bray Wyatt after teasing that he would align with Wyatt against LA Knight.

There has been internet speculation about Bo Dallas being the Uncle Howdy character and “Bo Dallas” became a trending topic after the segment. As previously noted, Dallas was one of several names rumored to be returning to WWE under the Triple H regime. There is also speculation that the character attacked by Wyatt was actually Uncle Harper and not Uncle Howdy as WWE trademarked both terms.

Regarding the identity of Howdy/Harper, Fightful Select noted that “WWE is playing it close to the vest” and the outlet was told that “the person who is in the outfit doesn’t take it off backstage in front of other people to reveal themselves.”