What is being said about rumors of The Young Bucks allegedly sending out feelers to WWE

As previously noted, there was reportedly a physical altercation between members of The Elite and CM Punk after the 2022 AEW Out PPV event when The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega “stormed into” CM Punk’s locker room.

The Bucks are reportedly under contract to AEW until to the end of 2023. However, there are rumors circulating around the internet that the Bucks sent out “feelers” to WWE to see if the company is interested in them. Ryan Frederick of F4WOnline.com noted the following on the website’s message board regarding the Bucks and AEW…

“They didn’t sign new deals. Their options were picked up. They did reach out to a talent to send feelers that they would be interested in talking about coming in when their deals are up. But, everyone on both sides are going to do the same because you want to look for the best deal. Anyone who doesn’t do so is dumb and possibly leaving money on the table.”

Fightful Select asked around and received a few comments about the rumors…

“One source indicated that they’ve been sworn that the Bucks asked to speak to someone in management, which we’ve been unable to confirm, but the rumor has persisted within WWE for several weeks. Sources close to the Young Bucks say that they haven’t been given that indication whatsoever.”

“Another source that has long worked with higher ups confirmed they’d heard the rumor, but hadn’t asked people of influence within WWE, because they weren’t sure how that would be received. However, they were there in 2018, and were quick to remind us that the Young Bucks nearly signed with WWE then before helping start All Elite Wrestling.”