What is being said about Braun Strowman possibly returning to WWE under the Triple H regime

Braun Strowman was released from WWE in June of 2021 and it was reported back then that Strowman’s hefty WWE contract was a factor in his release from the company.

Several wrestlers have been brought back to WWE since the Triple H regime started. According to Fightful Select, Strowman is among the names that have been pitched or discussed for a potential return but it’s not confirmed that he will be back in WWE. Fightful noted the following…

“People of influence in WWE would not confirm when asked by Fightful, but also didn’t deny it. To reiterate, we can’t confirm that he’s headed back. Only that pitches have been made and that he’s been discussed internally.”

It was also said that sources within WWE feel that Strowman has looked “ring ready” physically and believe he looks better now than when he was in WWE.