FTR comment on being removed from the AEW: Fight Forever video game

In an interview with Louis Dangoor of, FTR commented on the news that they were removed from the AEW: Fight Forever video game

Cash Wheeler: “For us, the only real issue is we were kind of blindsided by it. We found out, not how you would expect. And when you find out something like that, something major like being taken out of a video game, your mind automatically assumes the worst. For us, it was like, ‘is this something we need to worry about? Should we read between the lines here? Were we not told for a reason? Now that we are aware and we are out, what is that reason? Is it something we should worry about?’ We got an answer, it made a lot of sense, a very logical answer. Okay, cool, as long as we don’t have to worry about it, non-issue and that’s what it was. We’ve known about it since May, June…I don’t know how long, but for months. The fact that it came out yesterday, no idea why.”

Dax Harwood: “The headline can be, ‘FTR is not upset, FTR does not blame anyone for pulling us out of the game.’ As Cash said, we heard about this. I want to say March was very long. It was before the Briscoes match (at ROH Supercard of Honor on WrestleMania weekend). We heard about it a long time ago.”

“Months later, this article comes out. I couldn’t believe it didn’t come out in March. It blindsided both of us. I don’t care to be in the video game. My worry is leaving a legacy, having fun with my best friend, and on top of all that, taking care of Maria [his wife] and Finley [his daughter].” (quotes courtesy of