What Bryan Danielson said to the fans after AEW All Out 2021 went off the air

Bryan Danielson, formerly Daniel Bryan in WWE, made his AEW debut at the 2021 All Out PPV event. After the show went off the air, Danielson cut a promo for the fans. The crowd chanted “Talk Forever” and Danielson joked that he wasn’t going to and would punch anybody in the face that made him. Danielson then joked about why he joined AEW…

“Okay I just wanted to say something really really quick and this is about the reason why me and other people want to come to AEW.

This might get a few boos right – I truly loved where I worked before. I’m very grateful. I’m one of the few people who loved where they were before and still left. There’s a couple reasons why. One, the incredible talent that’s here at AEW.

One of the reasons why it makes it so appealing to come to AEW is because of the work these men have done [points to Jurassic Express]. It’s because of the people who have been here since day one, from the people who came here early and believed in AEW. I’m talking about Chris Jericho who came here I’m talking about Jon Moxley, young men and women who were busting their asses on the independent circuit. AEW gave them a chance and boy have these guys delivered.

So when you see me here and when you see see him CM Punk here when you see Christian here and when you see Ruby Soho here… is [because of] the original members of AEW.

The second reason I came here is because, god damn, you guys are the best fans in the world. So I’ve been uh getting in a trailer in the back and uh watching the show and you guys have been great for every single match. As a performer you have no idea how much that means to us so i just want to say thank you and that’s the second reason.

Which brings me to the third reason. I’m here I am a wrestler I never left wrestling. I took wrestling wherever I went, yeah I said wrestling when I wasn’t supposed to say wrestling and now I am here to god damn wrestle. There are some people around here who call themselves Elite… I’m going to be here to see if they truly are. So AEW, let’s f*cking go!!!”

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