Results of Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage at AEW All Out 2021

Kenny Omega (c) (with Don Callis) vs. Christian Cage
Singles match for the AEW World Championship

* Christian went for a killswitch right off the bat but Omega escaped. The two fought on the outside in the early minutes of the match. Omega placed a table over Christian and hit a double foot stomp while the referee was distracted. Omega worked over Christian and then went for a moonsault off the ringside barricade but slipped. Omega recovered and hit it on the second attempt.

* Christian had moments of momentum but they were short-lived. Omega went for a v-trigger and Christian flipped off Omega. Omega hit the v-trigger and Christian held onto the ropes to avoid being pinned.

* The two ended up on the apron and Christian speared Omega off through a table below. Christian hit another spear in the ring but Omega kicked out.

* Anderson and Gallows ran down but their plans backfired. Christian hit the killswitch but Omega kicked out. Don Callis got in the ring and distracted Christian. Christian went for a avalanche killswitch but Omega gouged the eyes. Omega then hit a avalanche One Winged Angel to win the match.

* After the match, the Young Bucks came down to the ring to celebrate with The Elite. They attacked Christian and the Jurassic Express tried to help but were overwhelmed.

* Omega cut a promo and said nobody is on his level. Adam Cole then arrived and confronted Omega. However, Cole took a shot at Jungle Boy and hugged The Elite.

* Cole took a promo and called The Elite is the most dominant faction in wrestling and there is “no chance in hell” of anybody stopping them. The Elite celebrated but then Bryan Danielson arrived and aligned with the faces. A huge brawl erupted and the faces got the upper hand to end the PPV.