Wardlow says the state of the AEW world title “has been in shambles for months”

AEW’s TNT champion Wardlow appeared on the Dynamite Download podcast and here are the highlights…

MJF: “Aw, f**kin’ Max. So, you know, I’m man enough to admit that Max is very good at what he does, clearly. It doesn’t take away from the fact that he is truly, wholeheartedly, a piece of s**t. People really have no idea, like people have no clue. For the people that think it’s like, ‘Oh, he never turns it off. He’s just really good at his gimmick.’ No, it doesn’t turn off because it’s who he is. And then the people that are like, ‘Oh no, no no…’ They’re so blind, they’re so stupid, dude. [laughs]”

The AEW world title: “The state of the Heavyweight Title has been in shambles for months. And the only thing I’ll say about it, is if Wardlow was the AEW World Heavyweight Champion, he would still be the [laughs] AEW World Heavyweight Champion. It would have been the Summer of Wardlow, and it would have been the Fall of Warldow. And it would have been the Winter of Wardlow. And it would have been the Spring of Wardlow. And it would have been the f**king summer again. Like, I ain’t f**king going nowhere. Everybody wants to hot potato that sumbitch; hand it to me, watch me take off.” (quotes courtesy of 411Mania.com)