Vince McMahon said to have been “overruled” and his power in WWE “marginalized”

As previously noted, the belief within WWE is that Triple H is now making the majority of creative decisions in the company and not Vince McMahon. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of commented more on the situation…

“Well, he’s out of creative. It’s a big story because Ari Emanuel, when they were on the verge of closing the deal, and had actually closed the deal in April, did media rounds and (said), ‘Vince will be in charge of the company (WWE), and if me and Vince have a disagreement, it goes the way Vince wants because Vince is the guy’. So then the deal went through, it only really went through about a month ago, and already, Vince is out of creative because of Ari Emanuel.”

“So this is a real interesting thing because it is the first time – Vince is now in the position that his father was in in ‘84 when his father had run the company for years and years and years, and (then) he was just an employee of Vince Jr. Although he hates that term – Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Vincent Kennedy McMahon was the guy making all the decisions, and now, Vince was in fact overruled, even though when he merged the company he was told this would not happen. It did happen. And it’s a really interesting thing. And that statement when Ari Emanuel was talking about the reasons the stock is down, and he mentioned Vince’s name. So, it is very interesting I think what is going to happen. But Vince’s power’s clearly marginalized, there’s no way around that.” (quotes courtesy of