Vince McMahon making last-minute changes to WWE programming said to be “a very complicated matter”

As previously noted, Vince McMahon was believed to have made late changes to the June 23rd 2023 edition of WWE Smackdown.

In regards to McMahon making changes at the last minute, one person close to the situation noted to Dave Meltzer of that it’s “a very complicated matter with so many things playing out at once.” McMahon reportedly believes that his changes are improving the shows even though he is interrupting long-term planning in WWE. A person close to the matter stated the following to Meltzer…

“He believes in what he says. Is he wrong all the time? No. Actually he’s not. He’s actually got better input than most would believe. Is it all good? No, he’s stuck on certain mindsets that are long gone, and it could be damaging. It’s not the interference itself that is the problem. It’s how and when he does it.”

There is a belief that Vince McMahon’s creative influence in WWE is “likely to grow in the coming weeks.”