Video: “New Year, New Dynamite” commercial airs to hype up AEW television changes

As previously noted, AEW television programming will reportedly be getting a new look in 2023. During the December 23rd 2022 edition of Rampage, a “New Year, New Dynamite” commercial aired to hype up the January 4th 2023 edition of Dynamite. On commentary, Excalibur confirmed that the planned changes will go into effect on January 4th.

Kevin Sullivan of AEW wrote the following about the commercial…

“We set out to create a new brand identity for #AEWDynamite with a comprehensive set of package elements. The team is thrilled to finally share our new, bold vision, that will help create a new spirit for the show. This is what 9 months of work looks like in :15. To be continued!”

“The synergy we have with the team at WBD is incredible. I also take a tremendous amount of pride & have so much respect for our internal graphics team & what they are always able to accomplish! It also goes without saying that @TonyKhan vision is boundless. #ThankYou”