Vanessa Borne issues statement regarding her WWE departure

Vanessa Borne, who was one of the WWE NXT stars released on Wednesday, issued a statement on Twitter regarding her departure from WWE…

“Today I got the call that I will no longer be a WWE superstar, which came as quite a shock to me considering all the work I’ve done these past 18 months,” Borne said. “I want to thank the WWE for the opportunity these past five years, it’s been a fun ride. I also want to give a shout out to all the people and fans who have supported me throughout my wrestling career, your kind words never went unnoticed. To all of the haters and Twitter trolls, I want to thank you guys as well. You really motivated me and lit a fire within me. Just kidding. You people f****** suck. Be nice. It shouldn’t be that hard to be a decent human being to someone you don’t even know.”

“I have no hard feelings and no animosity, just a lot of good energy and love,” Borne added. “I feel good walking into this next chapter and I hope you are all there to witness it. Oh, one thing I am disappointed that I didn’t get to do in the WWE and that’s….wrestle zombies, shucks.” (quotes courtesy of