Updated list of WWE NXT UK stars that are believed to be gone from the company

As previously noted, the WWE NXT UK brand will be transforming into NXT Europe in 2023. Shortly after the announcement was made, word got out that multiple NXT UK stars have been released from the company.

As the day progressed, additional names were revealed to have been released. ere is the list of WWE NXT stars that were moved to the alumni section of WWE.com…

Amir Jordan
Dani Luna
Dave Mastiff
Emilia McKenzie
Nina Samuels
Rohan Raja
Sha Samuels
Sid Scala
Trent Seven
Ashton Smith
Jack Starz
Flash Morgan Webster
Wild Boar
Kenny Williams
Mark Andrews
Xia Brookside
Eddie Dennis
Saxton Huxley
Sam Gradwell

It should be noted that not every person on this list has confirmed their departure from the company.