Update regarding Kevin Patrick being removed from his commentary role on WWE Smackdown

As previously noted, Kevin Patrick is reportedly finished as an announcer for WWE Smackdown.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, the decision to remove Patrick from Smackdown was made on Monday night. It’s believed that Patrick had been set to travel to Smackdown in Florida this week.

Johnson noted the following in regards to Patrick’s departure…

“While Patrick was liked personally, there had been a feeling for some time that he was not the right person for the role. WWE initially put Michael Cole back on the team with the internal hope that he would be able to steer Patrick in the right direction.”

It remains to be seen if Patrick will transition to a different role with the company. At this time, it’s believed that Michael Cole will call Friday’s Smackdown alongside Corey Graves but there’s no word yet regarding a permanent replacement for Patrick.