Kevin Patrick is reportedly finished as an announcer for WWE Smackdown

According to Dave Meltzer of, Kevin Patrick is finished as an announcer for WWE Smackdown. Meltzer stated the following during Wrestling Observer Radio

“Kevin Patrick’s gone. Unless something changes. I don’t know details, I don’t know who’s gonna be replacing him. I’m not surprised. Like I said, I’m not surprised. Corey Graves has been totally carrying the SmackDown announcing. I don’t know who they’ll bring in, could be Vic Joseph.

Nick Khan likes to hire sports people, but the problem is, announcing sports and announcing wrestling are very different. Jimmy Smith did a good job, but that’s because he announced real fights and tried to announce wrestling in a real fight way.” (quotes courtesy of

Earlier this month, it was reported by that individuals within WWE were closely monitoring Patrick’s work on Smackdown.