Update on wrestlers possibly being released from WWE due to not being vaccinated

As previously noted, WWE released 18 wrestlers from the main roster and NXT on November 4th 2021. It was reported that several wrestlers including Nia Jax were possibly released due to not being vaccinated.

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com wrote that ‘while the number going around is that five of the 18 were not vaccinated, one talent in the company said it was a larger number than that.” It was said that the wrestlers released were not big enough stars to get away with being unvaccinated. Meltzer also noted that the wrestlers were told they were let go due to “budget cuts” and not because they were unvaccinated.

For wrestlers on the main roster, they can not tour foreign countries without being vaccinated. Fightful Select had more details about wrestlers being released due to their vaccination status…

“It was stressed to us that this wasn’t the exclusive reason, and wasn’t the reason across the board for firings. It should be noted, releasing talent for not being vaccinated is completely legal, and would have restricted many of the venues that performers could compete in and travel availabilities.”