Update on the status of planned multi-part Netflix documentary about Vince McMahon

Back in 2020, it was announced that a multi-part Netflix documentary was going to be made about Vince. During a WWE earnings call in 2021, WWE President Nick Khan said the following about the documentary…

“We have seen early cuts of our upcoming Vince McMahon multipart Netflix documentary, which is executive produced by WWE and Bill Simmons, who did the acclaimed Andre the Giant documentary with us. The Vince cuts are out of this world, amazing. Wait until you see it.”

In 2022, it was reported that the documentary was “pulled” and taken off the programming spreadsheet at Netflix.

This week, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com provided an update on the documentary’s status…

“Some thought with the Netflix $5.2 billion deal with TKO and the Janel Grant lawsuit that maybe Netflix would just scrap the thing. That isn’t the case, but they obviously have to change the direction based on what happened. At one point the plan was for it to be out sooner but it’s not going to be out during Mania season. But it is still planned to be released in 2024, but no time frame is finalized.”

Meltzer added that the documentary could be a six-part series.