Ronda Rousey reportedly “despised” Vince McMahon by the time she made her WWE departure

As previously noted, Ronda Rousey was critical of former WWE chairman Vince McMahon in her new book Our Fight. Rousey stated that WWE events are “held in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, as well as now twice a year in Saudi Arabia, a nation that restricts the rights of women in a way that I’m certain Vince McMahon wishes he could.”

When Rousey left WWE, Dave Meltzer of was told that she liked Stephanie McMahon but not many others within management. Meltzer also wrote the following…

“Another person close to the situation noted that Rousey felt that WWE was a misogynistic culture and by the time she left, despised Vince but remained friendly with Stephanie and had positive things to say about Paul Levesque. It was also noted that while she despised Vince, ‘she, to this day, loves [UFC President] Dana White.'”

Meltzer stated during the following about McMahon during Wrestling Observer Radio

“People who were even in a situation where they’d been defending other people in the company, nobody bothers to try and defend Vince to me. It’s almost like they’ve thrown in the towel on him. It’s like, ‘He’s gone and we can’t even try to defend him.'”