Update on Tessa Blanchard’s status and any possibilities of joining WWE/NXT or AEW

On April 3rd, 2023, Tessa Blanchard posted an image of herself and La Rosa Negra on Instragram with the caption “time, growth, and healing”. As you may know during early 2020, a story was revealed that Blanchard allegedly spat on La Rosa Negra and also called her a racial slur at a Japan event during 2017. Other female wrestlers piled on afterward, calling Tessa a “bully” backstage. Following Tessa’s Impact Wrestling contract expiring during the Spring/Summer of 2020, no major promotions, including Impact, have utilizes the services of Tessa.

Several independent sources have suggested that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has shown no interest in Blanchard, as several female wrestlers employed there have reportedly shared their experiences to the EVPs and Tony Khan regarding their backstage and in-ring issues with Blanchard. For the WWE, they have shown some interest, but they’ve always low-balled her financially on offers and wanting her to re-start with NXT again as a developmental talent. Tessa worked in NXT briefly during 2016, but seemed to have left early after losing 3 straight matches (Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and Carmella) from April to June that year.

From what independent sources are now suggesting, both AEW and WWE remain with the stances no matter what fences she may have apparently mended. Given the apparent La Rosa incident, the perception of being a “bully” by other talent, and the reported “falling out” with Women of Wrestling, the overall sense in the industry is that Tessa is difficult to work with. The hopes with the Tessa camp have reportedly been with AEW, provided her dad Tully Blanchard’s work there and wanting to be pushed on television immediately. However, AEW, likely listening to their talent who have worked with her, continues to show no interest. Things could change if Tessa’s perception among talents improves or if WWE/AEW has a dire need for talent.

It appears that Tessa saved the money that she made during previous years, works on indy shows or trains others as needed, and seems focused on getting her personal life in order. That said, she keeps herself in peak physical condition all year around, as shown by her many Instagram photos and videos working out.