Update on Rey Mysterio after his match against Santos Escobar is stopped by referee

As seen during the July 28th edition of WWE Smackdown, Santos Escobar defeated Rey Mysterio via referee stoppage. Rey was taken down from Escobar’s suicide dive and it was deemed that Rey could not finish the match. Twitter account @WKRDWrestling noted that “for those concerned, Rey Mysterio’s injury on Smackdown is a storyline.” Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com also stated that the injury was a storyline but then tweeted, “Removed my earlier tweet as I’ve received conflicting info regarding Rey Mysterio and his status after tonight’s Smackdown.”

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com later reported that he was told by several sources that the referee stoppage was legitimate. Johnson noted the following…

“The original plan was for Escobar to go over via pinfall, so they still had the win that was planned, although in a much different, unplanned manner.”

Sapp then tweeted, “We’ve learned the Mysterio injury was not storyline as originally suggested.” Sapp added that Escobar “was scheduled to go over clean and there was to be a backstage segment follow up that got nixed.”

Escobar will go on to challenge Austin Theory for the United States title.