Update on Miro’s contractual status with AEW

It was recently reported that Miro has been recovering from a hamstring injury and it looks like he’ll be with AEW for the long-term future once he returns to television. According to Fightful.com, Miro has signed a four-year extension which will keep him under contract to the company until at least the start of 2026. It’s believed that Miro agreed to terms in late 2021 and his contract was originally set to expire this spring.

During a recent appearance on Kurt Angle’s podcast, Miro commented on what he enjoys about his job with AEW…

“The biggest thing is the freedom. Also, we don’t travel 300 days in a row, we have one show a week, sometimes two, sometimes three if we have pay per views or whatever. Those are only so often and that’s what I love the most. The opportunity for me to rest my body, being home with my wife, going to work, doing my best and then going home and resting again.”