Update on Kairi Sane’s status with WWE following reports of her returning to the company

It was reported in August of 2023 that Kairi Sane would be making her return to WWE in “the near future” although no date was provided.

Kairi bid her farewell to the STARDOM promotion last month at the Nagoya Golden Fight 2023 event. In an update on Kairi’s WWE status, Twitter/X account @WrestleVotes reported the following…

“After what feels like months of speculation, I’m told Kairi Sane has reappeared on the internal talent roster. Her return to the company is imminent.”

However, Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com later noted the following…

“For those who have asked about reports making the way around social media that Kairi Sane has been added to WWE’s internal roster, PWInsider.com can confirm that is not correct. Sane is not listed internally for any roster or even on the company’s Misc. division as of this morning.”

@WrestleVotes then responded with the following…

” I’m told Mike Johnson of PW Insider has refuted this. Mike has us blocked, so I’ll ask you publicly to double check with your source.

As of this morning Kairi Sane is listed under the MISC section of the internal company roster.

For complete transparency, the MISC section currently reads as Stephanie McMahon, HHH, Undertaker, Austin, Tyler Breeze & Titus O’Neil. There are 18 names total across 3 columns. The 18th name is Kairi Sane.

Mike, if you’d like to dispel your rumor and also unblock us, we can discuss further.”