Update on Jerry Lawler’s condition after reportedly suffering a stroke

As previously noted, Jerry “The King” Lawler was reportedly hospitalized after having a “serious medical episode” and it was later revealed to have been a stroke.

Wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell provided an update on Lawler’s condition in a series of tweets…

“It has been confirmed that Jerry LAWLER suffered a stroke last night in Ft. Myers, Florida. He was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent a medical procedure. His latest condition is actually good and he is expected to recover. Good news.

Just talked to Kevin…he said that he talked to the Dr. who said that Jerry is improving. He suffered some paralysis on his left side that he is now regaining use of. The Dr. said that Jerry should recover from this episode. Good luck Jerry.”

Mantell later tweeted the following…

“LATEST UPDATE ON LAWLER: LAWLER experienced paralysis on his right side immediately following the stroke. Latest news has reported that he has regained partial use of his arm. His speech is still affected but that takes a bit more time. But he’s improving.”