Ryback looking to make his wrestling comeback and has interest in working with an AEW star

During an interview with MuscleMan Malcolm, former WWE star Ryback commented on his status in the wrestling business and a potential comeback…

“Yeah, [getting back to the ring is] the goal. I finally won my Ryback trademark for everything. We’re just waiting for the official documentation, which might be a few more months, but once that documentation is in my hands, we will be able to move forward and do business. I’m finally healthy. I’m back and this is the year.”

“There’s a lot of guys that I have my eye on. Wardlow peaks my interest, and I think there’s a big opportunity right there. I’m a fan of what he’s doing and what he’s done. I like people that can come from nothing and get people on their side. That caught my eye early on, so he’s a homegrown AEW talent that hasn’t been in the ring with anyone like Ryback yet.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)