Update on how the WWE creative process has changed since the departure of Vince McMahon

It has been nearly two months since Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com spoke with several people from different departments in regards to how the company has been running without McMahon.

In regards to the creative team, there is said to have been a “night and day” impact since McMahon left and Triple H took over. Johnson noted the following…

“They are no longer ‘hurrying up to wait’ for Vince McMahon meetings that start hours late or focus on small, ‘unimportant things’ for long periods of time. The meetings are more streamlined and regimented and there’s a feeling that by not wasting so much time, the team has been far less ‘worn out by the grind’ and can focus more on creative pitches and longer-form ideas.”

Johnson added that people within WWE feel that they are being proactive about building a foundation towards the future and while there are still re-writes for shows, there is rarely a situation where plans are scrapped at the last minute. It’s believed that frequent rematches have disappeared from RAW and Smackdown because the writers have more time to come up with ideas.