NJPW star believes that MJF understands “true professional wrestling”

NJPW Great-O-Khan, who participated in the 2022 AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door PPV, was interviewed by WrestleInn.com and here are a few highlights…

Q: You were an important part of the build to Forbidden Door, what are your thoughts and feelings on your time spent in AEW and performing at Forbidden Door?

“We felt that AEW is full of Indy wrestlers. There are plenty of formidable wrestlers there, but they are unrefined and ill-educated. A shame.”

Q: Is there anybody in AEW that you think should be punished with an Eliminator?

“MJF. Not because of hatred but interest.”

Q: MJF has previously revealed that he is a fan of you. What are your thoughts on MJF?

“We care not for pro-wrestling, so we haven’t seen or heard of MJF. Yet clearly he is one of a precious few who truly understand the meaning of true ‘professional wrestling’, and we think he must be one of the very best in the world.”