Update on Bray Wyatt following internet speculation about his WWE status

On Thursday, Bray Wyatt’s name was trending on Twitter with fans expressing concern about his mental health. An Instagram screenshot from Wyatt circulated around on Twitter which caused fans to speculate about his absence from WWE. However, the Instagram post was actually published on January 18th 2020.

Fightful.com’s Patreon reported that talent in WWE were not aware of Wyatt having any personal issues. The site noted the following…

“We had multiple talent on the WWE roster saying that they’ve seen him a handful of times and he seemed fine, and was backstage at more than one episode of WWE Raw since WrestleMania, though hasn’t been in the last couple of weeks. Talent that we spoke with, and staff that has worked closely with him recently believe that Wyatt wants to be on TV, and also had not heard of a specific reason Wyatt was off television.”