Twitch earnings of streamers including Paige and Adam Cole seemingly revealed in data breach

It is being reported by that Twitch was hacked with source code being leaked online. The site noted the following…

“The Verge can confirm leak is legitimate, and we have included more details on the data within the leak.”

Leaked data includes details regarding creator payouts from the streaming service over the past few years. Here are some of the gross earnings that were listed for wrestling-related channels…

Paige (SarayaOfficial) 478,224
Zelina Vega (theatrinidad) 341,748
Adam Cole (TheCHUGS) 318,080
Impact Wrestling (impactwrestling) 69,140
Tyler Breeze (thesweetzlive) 43,755
Evil Uno (eviluno) 35,742
Colt Cabana (coltcabana) 32,479
Xavier Woods (AustinCreed) 25,431

Reddit user celial provided more insight on the numbers…

“For those who don’t follow gaming culture, someone managed to break into Twitch’s systems and access significant amounts of data.

Part of that breach was compiled into a TWITCH PAYOUT list for the time from September 2019 – September 2021.

That means gross payouts for Subscriptions and Bits – NOT DONATIONS! Donations usually make for the larger share of a streamers earning.

The numbers are thought to be accurate, allegedly a few people on that list confirmed atleast their numbers were pretty much correct.

Here is the list:

I just Ctrl-F’d a little: Paige made about half a million, Adam Cole about 300k, Impact Wrestling about 70k, AustinCreed around 25k.

Again – just subs and bits. Not donations. This is not the total streaming income, just what Twitch paid out over the course of two years.

Edit/Addendum: Rough estimates – varies extremely by streamer – are that subscriptions “only” amount for anywhere between 30-60% of a streamers income, with the majority often coming from direct donations.

So doubling those numbers is a somewhat vague bet, but the numbers shouldn’t be too far off.

Women streamer often get waaaaaay more donations though (depending on, uh, the ‘incentives’), often dwarfing subscription income.

Edit 2: The source of the data breach is on 4chan, which I won’t link since it also contains parts of the source code. You can find it with little effort ;)”