Braun Strowman comments on his release from WWE and future plans

On Tuesday, former WWE star Braun Strowman did a Twitter Q&A. In regards to his release from WWE, Strowman noted that he “wasn’t happy” about it but understood that it was a business decision. Strowman also said he would be making his mind up “soon” in regards to which company he will be working for.

You can check out some of the Q&A highlights below…

Reaction to being released: “Wasn’t happy but that’s Busniess”

Which company he will be working for: “Making my mind up soon.”

What he learned from WWE journey: “That nothing really matters. We leave everything behind when we leave but the memories of our selfs.”

Wrestling with no fans: “Hard as hell. That’s why they had to call the best to come keep the show going during those days.”

Life advice: “If you Don’t give up on yourself and the world won’t give up on you.”

Most overrated wrestler: “I guess me. Atleast that’s what I read on the dirt sheets lol”

Favorite tag partner: “Nicolas”

Favorite wrestler to work with: “Roman [Reigns]”

Favorite Brodie Lee memory: “Him yelling at me when I first started. Going what the hell are you doing that for.”

What he does to pass time besides wrestling and working out: “Eat”