Triple H addresses internet rumors regarding Drew McIntyre’s hiatus from WWE

As seen during the 2023 WWE Money in the Bank PLE, Drew McIntyre made his first appearance since Wrestlemania 39.

During MITB’s post-show press conference, Triple H addressed internet rumors regarding McInytre’s hiatus…

“It’s also a funny thing, the amount of speculation that happens around things. I read stuff all the time that’s printed and put out there. ‘Sources say.’ 75% of it is completely off base. If Drew had an issue, it’s news to me. He was out with an injury and getting stuff fixed. While he was out, he had something else to get fixed so we did it, and here he is. He’s an amazing performer. He is one of the highlight superstars in this era. Thrilled to have him back and hopefully, he’s here for the rest of his career.” (quote courtesy of