Tony Khan takes a shot at Vince McMahon while promoting the “Title Tuesday” edition of AEW Dynamite

For one week only, AEW Dynamite will be airing on tonight at 8PM Eastern against WWE NXT and both shows will be commercial free during the first 30 minutes.

AEW President Tony Khan has been actively promoting the event on Twitter/X. One fan replied to a post with “we not watchin bucko” and Khan replied with a GIF of Roderick Strong saying “who gives a f*ck?” along with the message “Ok, we won’t see you tomorrow night for Title Tuesday AEW Dynamite then!”

Another fan stated to Khan that “If Sir Vince McMahon said this, there would be many failed AEW fans crying non-stop and furious. 😭😭😭 #Hypocrites” Khan replied with “If Sir Vince McMahon said this, it would be the least of his alleged misdeeds.”

Khan also posted the following…

“Get behind @AEW, nobody does big events better than us! We’re on our best run ever & we’d love if you’d join us for Tuesday Night AEW Dynamite: Title Tuesday! (even you to whom I sent the Roddy gif)”