Adam Copeland (Edge) comments on AEW Dynamite going head-to-head with WWE NXT

For one week only, AEW Dynamite will be airing on tonight at 8PM Eastern against WWE NXT and both shows will be commercial free during the first 30 minutes. During an appearance on The Masked Men Show, Adam Copeland (Edge) commented on the two shows going head-to-head…

“This is awesome. How can you not enjoy the fact that both shows are trying to load up and trying to put the best show on imaginable? That’s all I really care about. I’ll try to make sure that my part of the show is all killer, no filler. That’s my only job. I’m sure both will get watched, when it’s all said and done with DVR and however else it gets computed since everything with ratings is so antiquated. It’s fun.

I remember flipping back and forth between Nitro and Raw. That’s kind of what this is. I don’t see that as a bad thing at all. I think it’s great. The performers themselves, there is none of this weird tribalism. Within any industry, sure, there is competition, but I’m happy for those guys and they’re happy for us. When there are choices and there is another company that can push the other company, that’s when you get the best stuff.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)