Tony Khan says there are people in television that would “kill” to have AEW’s viewership numbers

While speaking to Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of, AEW President Tony Khan discussed the company’s television viewership numbers in 2024…

“The most important key point is, for us, we’ve had historically strong numbers and maintained strong numbers in TV. That is the thing we need to do. Keep doing what we’re doing because the numbers that we have are numbers people at TV would kill to have. I really need to focus on doing good shows for AEW, not about what the competition is doing. In this case, our competitor going out ahead of us and getting good media rights deals was a positive for us and is good for us because we have good historical comps. These comps are favorable for us. I’ve done a ton of market research, retained top analysts and data scientists.

Most TV shows would kill for our ratings and demos. In sports, we skew really young. It’s important to focus on that. I think it’s going to be a really good summer for us. We had really good growth through last summer too. Getting back to the best of what AEW does is important to me and historically, we’ve done a lot of that in the summer.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)