Aron Stevens aka Damien Sandow shoots on his WWE career not reaching higher levels

Former WWE star Aron Stevens aka Damien Sandow won the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase in 2013 but lost his title match and was released from the company in 2016. During an interview with Victoire, Stevens commented on his WWE career not reaching higher levels…

“Look somewhere in the office someone didn’t like what was going on. I did an autograph signing six months ago, and one of the people at the signing was like ‘Hey, I just want you to know something. I had a friend who worked in the office. And when they would get house show reports on you, like they needed to list like the top five reactions, you were always in the top three, usually the top two.

After a while, the boss, you know who that is, said, do not put Sandow’s name on there anywhere.’ That tells me everything I need to know. So to answer your question was I too good for WWE? I say I’m just right for NWA.” (quote courtesy of