Tony Khan says MJF has been a “huge part of the success” of AEW

Earlier this year, it was reported that MJF has been frustrated about his AEW contract and wants to be paid more money.

While speaking with Andreas Hale on The Corner podcast, AEW President Tony Khan was asked if he could address the situation with the company and MJF…

“I can’t…he’s been a big part of the company from day one, but I can’t really speculate on what he’s been saying about stuff that is unrelated to his match with Wardlow. It’s not related to what we’re talking about on television.”

Khan was also asked if he is surprised by what MJF has publicly said…

“No, I’m not surprised, for a variety of reasons. Coming out of this weekend, as of now and everything he’s done in AEW, he’s been a huge part of the success of the company and he’s signed here for a long time. It’s 2022, and 2024 is a long way away.” (quotes courtesy of

Mike Johnson of noted that MJF was spotted by fans at LAX (Los Angeles airport) on Tuesday. Tonight’s Dynamite takes place in Inglewood, CA and AEW confirmed today that MJF will be appearing on the show.