Tony Khan comments on wrestlers jumping ship between WWE and AEW

Tony Khan did an interview with Marc Raimondi of and talked more about Cody Rhodes making a return to WWE. Khan said he wasn’t surprised that Cody returned to WWE…

“He wasn’t going to be here and based on the conversations we were having — he never outright told me — but it was obvious that was what was happening.”

“I appreciate the things Cody and his wife, Brandi Rhodes, did in AEW and I saw Cody show up in WWE. Like I said before he showed up there, it’s all still true: I still like him and wish him the best. I’m appreciative of the stuff he did in AEW. We spent hundreds and hundreds of hours together and know each other very well. I think we parted on very good terms.”

Khan also commented on wrestlers jumping ship between WWE and AEW…

“It’s not anything unusual to see stars coming from other promotions, including WWE, into AEW. I think it is now a little different to see a star from AEW go onto WWE television. I think as the years go by — we’re a young promotion — it was bound to happen sooner or later. And now it has.”

“We have a lot of great wrestlers here. I expect there probably will be down the road interest in some of them, because we’re putting on such strong shows. I think there’s bound to be free-agent movement. On both sides of the competition. I think it’s great for the wrestlers.”