Claim made that much of the “anti-AEW online community” aren’t real individuals

On Friday afternoon, AEW President Tony Khan wrote the following message via Twitter…

“An independent study has confirmed that much of the staunch anti-AEW online community aren’t real individuals, it’s a staff running thousands of accounts + an army of bots to signal boost them. Look closely, these aren’t real people. Who’d pay for such a *wildly* expensive thing?

Ever wonder why so much of the activity of these accounts is retweets and replies? Like who actually has 80% of their activity as straight up retweets?

Research this one yourselves. You internet detectives thrive in these situations.

Speaking of wild things:

You won’t want to miss @JonMoxley vs. @WheelerYuta on #AEWRampage@ 10pm ET/9pm CT on @tntdrama TONIGHT!

Their boiler room staff is going to be working overtime on a Friday, and I love it!”