Tony Khan comments on the size of AEW’s roster

During a recent media call to promote the 2021 All Out PPV, AEW President Tony Khan commented on the size of the company’s roster…

“I don’t think there is any such thing as a full roster. I think my experiences in football, both in the NFL and in England and with AEW, you’re constantly looking to evolve the roster. It’s got to be constantly changing, and one of the benefits we have with AEW as opposed to the NFL or English football is I’m not really capped by a roster size or a salary cap. So it’s largely my prerogative in terms of how to expand the roster, how many people to sign, and how much we can grow. And so, we are under different limitations in other sports, but I think the idea is still the same that you want to grow, evolve, and keep building.”

“I didn’t go into this year thinking that I was going to take 2.0, who I’d seen a number of times as independent guys, and I’ve seen them on NXT, and I thought they were very good, I had no idea they were going to get released. They’ve been super valuable to us, and I really like Daniel Garcia. He was a guy on AEW Dark who was working without a contract or anything and doing a very good job. And I thought he had a lot of potential and when I saw 2.0 available I thought there was really something there, and it would fit the need of what we had at the time for this spot we had.” (quote courtesy of