Tony Khan comments on Mercedes Mone potentially wrestling at upcoming AEW event

As seen during the 2023 AEW All In PPV, Mercedes Mone (formerly Sasha Banks) was shown watching the event in the crowd.

AEW is planning to produce a special PPV event in honor of wrestling legend Antonio Inoki called “WrestleDream” on October 1st 2023 in Seattle, WA. During a media call to promote the 2023 All Out event, AEW President Tony Khan commented on Mercedes Mone potentially being part of the WrestleDream show…

“One of the great stars involved in New Japan, who I have a ton of respect for, is Mercedes Mone. I think we have a good relationship, and I think she’s one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet. It was great to have her at All In. She’s not available to wrestle right now, but when she does wrestle, I think she’s as good as anyone and one of the best in the world. I have so much respect for her as a competitor. Certainly, she’s one of the top stars in the world. I don’t know if she would be physically cleared at that time. I’m not expecting that because she had a major injury. When she’s cleared, that is someone we’re really interested in working with.” (quote courtesy of

The belief is that Mercedes will wrestle for AEW once she is cleared to wrestle again.