Tony Khan comments on Jeff Hardy being signed to AEW

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, AEW President Tony Khan talked about Jeff Hardy’s debut with the company

“That was tremendous [hearing The Hardy’s theme song on Dynamite]. That track is in a publicly available catalog and we were able to get it. So that was tremendous, and boy, Matt, and Jeff both looked great, and it was great to see them together, and I’m excited for when we can see them come out together.”

“I think Jeff is a transcendent wrestler. It’s amazing because even though Jeff has been around pro wrestling now for literally decades, I do think he transcends age and experience in many ways. I think he is someone that a lot of the young wrestlers could learn a lot from in terms of connecting with the crowd, but I also think he’s just a fresh and exciting match-up for a lot of the young wrestlers here in AEW. Not in just tag teams, but also a he’s a great singles wrestler, a former world champion, so having Jeff Hardy in AEW, it’s gonna be huge for the singles and the tag teams, and it’s gonna be great for the experienced wrestlers, people he’s been in the ring with, people who have been in the same company as him before. And then you’ve got a whole locker room of people who have never been in the same company as Jeff, that have been dreaming of this moment. So, it’s a really big deal.” (quotes courtesy of