Tony Khan comments on Cesaro, Jeff Hardy, Cody Rhodes, and other topics

AEW President Tony Khan participated in a media call on Wednesday afternoon to promote the 2022 Revolution PPV and here are the highlights…

Cesaro: “I think he’s a phenomenal athlete and he puts great matches together. I would absolutely be open to it.”

Jeff Hardy: “I think Jeff is still contracted to another company for a few days. I love him and he’s my friend. I would love to have him in AEW once he is free.”

Cody Rhodes: “I am really grateful to Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes for their contributions to the company and wish them all the best.”

AEW without Cody Rhodes: “I have done a few pay-per-views without Cody Rhodes and they were great. I think All Out is the best show we ever did and Cody wasn’t there. I will miss him but I don’t feel the pressure without him.”

Adam Page: “I was 4 hours and 15 minutes on the call with Adam Cole before signing him. Adam Cole vs. Adam Page is currently planned to be the main event of AEW Revolution.”

Trios Titles: “When Kenny Omega is back, we could have the best trios division and would love to introduce the Trios title then.”

Possible streaming deal: “We’ll be looking into it and try to make the best deal possible.”

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