TNA Wrestling believed to be “going heavy into cost savings mode right now”

Last week, Dave Meltzer of noted how there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes in TNA Wrestling including multiple departures. In an update, Mike Johnson of reported that Lou D’Angeli (Vice President, Marketing for Anthem) is among the people that are no longer working for TNA. D’Angeli was considered to be one of TNA’s highest ranking officials and Meltzer reported that Lily Arenallo, D’Angeli’s assistant in live event promotion and marketing, was also let go.

Johnson stated the following about D’Angeli…

“D’Angeli’s exit is especially shocking because the scope of his role for TNA grew exponentially over the last year or so, including bringing CM Punk to the table for negotiations with the company, setting the stage for Trinity (WWE’s Naomi) coming in, which developed out of initial conversations with Mercedes Mone in an attempt to set up Mickie James vs. Mone in TNA, and lots of additional creative and production work well beyond the marketing campaign and live event work that D’Angeli handled.”

Dave Sahadi, who was Creative Director for TNA, is also said to be gone from the promotion. After working in WWE, Sahadi spent almost two decades working as Director for TNA broadcasts under multiple regimes.

In regards to the departures, Meltzer wrote that “clearly the company is going heavy into cost savings mode right now but this has been called more than cutting to the bone and actually cutting bone.”