Former WWE star claims that one of his character ideas was given to Seth Rollins instead of himself

During an interview with The UK Metro, former WWE star Elias aka Elijah reflected on his run with WWE. Elijah noted that he pitched several creative ideas…

“I was always coming up with different characters, ways to evolve Elias into the next thing. There was a character that I really thought could have been incredible myself, it was the Monday Might Messiah. And if you realise, Seth Rollins and AOP ended up – for lack of better terms, they just gave it to those guys. I had a real vision of me being the Pied Piper of Monday Night Raw and controlling people, with kind of a cult like leader. The biblical themes and things like that, I always love that Messiah stuff.”

“It’s no discredit to Seth, the guy’s absolutely incredible. But this is how that’s how the system works, you know what I mean? That’s the risk you take with giving these ideas.”